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Please know that I do not make any purchases lightly and that I am sure to research and scour previous customer reviews, compare guarantees and, of course, prices before buying and especially promoting anything! If you'd like to see all of our recipes and information for the vitamix blender, see Vita-Mix Recipes & Info. First, here's the official ad:

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Vitamix Blender and Food Processor Review

We received the Vitamix as a family gift and it has proven to be the single best investment in our kitchen aside a good chopping knife and good quality stainless waterless pots (which I will address later). I am not promoting these various items for personal profit, but because I truly believe in them and feel they are invaluable keys for longterm good health with minimal effort. The customer service quality of all of the various companies' products which I promote is unparalleled (and I have tested it with various returns, special request, and bartering).

If you do decide to invest in a Vita-Mix, then use the coupon code 06-002697 when ordering to receive free shipping. At check-out, there will be a section called "ENTER SAVINGS OR COUPON CODE." That's where you enter our affiliate code: 06-002697.

The Vitamix Lowdown:
Healthy Whole Food Meals are Quick, Easy and Delicious! A whole food diet is the key to a long and healthy life according to the USDA. New recommendations total 12 servings of fruits, vegetables and whole grains every day. Those guidelines are easily met with terrific-tasting, nutrient-rich whole food meals made in the Vita-Mix Super 5000 / 5200.
  • Make whole food juice that's full of fiber and flavor in under a minute. Cook soup from scratch that's hot, hearty and satisfying in just 4 minutes. The edge the Vitamix has here over a juicer is that you use the whole fruit- skin and all, so you are not losing the fiber and bulk like you do with a juicer. I used to make my own soy milk, but recently I have converted to making my own almond milk, so the Vitamix can replace a blender, food processor, juicer, and "milk" maker already. This doesn't sound that important now, but if you're committed to a raw food/vegan/GF or DF special diet then I think you will eventually find you want and need such specialty items (I sure did- prepackaged foods and drinks are expensive and never fresh).
  • Make frozen treats that are full of fruit and low in fat in only 30 seconds. (I have many GF DF low carb recipes for smoothies, "ice cream," puddings, etc I will post in the future which all use the Vitamix)
  • Grind fresh whole grains into flour and knead dough for healthy home made bread in one 5-minute operation. (Great for gluten free cooking since it is much more inexpensive to buy whole grains and rice in bulk and grind at your convenience!)
As a personal antecedent, the original wet blade container Vitamix is what we were given as a gift. Once I discovered the fun and economic viability of grinding our own flax and grains or making bread, I found I needed what they call the dry blade container (it does the grinding with special blades so it does not overheat). Of course, I need two such containers since my life is entirely too complicated and we were not a gluten free household at the time; one for me and another for Jon's lovely 100% whole wheat, oat, and germ breads. I simply emailed the company and asked for a deal to support my gluten-free lifestyle. One of the customer service reps, Sue Harpster, promptly emailed back and offered a fantastic discount and a free whole grains cookbook for my purchase of two dry blade containers so that I could dedicate one as GF. They were very understanding and supportive of my needs and were quite patient with my incessant emails and bartering. his made a real impression on me since sometimes it feels like few companies (like Target) care at all about accommodating their consumers.

In the end, our family caught wind that we were going to spend money on the containers and decided they'd surprise us with a Chanukah gift of one dedicated GF dry blade container. I had to frantically call and cancel our order last minute and Sue was wonderful, calm, and empathetic; she refunded our money with no fees or fussing and even sent us the cookbook for free! In fact, she had to send the cookbook twice since it was lost in the mail the first time... Sue and the entire Vitamix establishment went well out of there way for some twenty-something kid asking for discounts who actually never bought the containers :)

In the years that we've had a Vitamix, we've grown to love the machine. It truly is the most used appliance in our kitchen, and that says a lot. As far as blenders are concerned, the Vita-Mix is at the top of the line, and quite possibly the best blender available. There is, however, one annoying flaw that we experience regularly - the bottom does not come off. It is rather difficult to ensure no food goes to waste, since there is no easy way to get everything out of the blender. On the bright side, we've really developed our spatula skills!

Also, our's has overheated while performing seemingly easy tasks (hummus, from canned chickpeas). It automatically shuts off to protect itself from damage, but waiting the sometimes 5-15 minutes for the machine to work again is frustrating.

A money-saving tip: If you plan to travel with your Vitamix, be on the lookout for large bookbags. The VitaMix backpack costs upwards of $200. We were able to find a tall, sturdy backbpack (with wheels, no less) for $8. It holds everything (base, top canister, spatulas, top, "plunger") and then some.

Thanks for reading and I hope you've found our Vitamix review helpful :) Here's some more information:

Start your 30-day no-risk in-home trial today and we'll give you FREE Standard Ground Shipping, a $25 value, with the use of your Vita-Mix coupon code 06-002697. Click "Update Quantity" during checkout to receive your shipping discount and click here to get started: Vitamix: Healthy Eating, Healthy Living

Vitamix Discount Coupon, Information and Recipes


  1. I can't believe there's a 30 day in-home trial! Like Vitamix even needs one! It's hands down the best blender I've ever used or owned in my life. I follow a raw food diet, and for that it's absolutely essential! I wish I had seen this post before I ordered mine to take advantage of that free shipping!

  2. My best friend is obsessed with this vitamix blender. Even with a 30 day trial, I don't know if I can shell out that much money comfortably. It gets great reviews though, so maybe one day.

  3. Hey i have read article above and
    its very interesting and i learn some
    basic knowledge on it and i cant believe their is a 30 day trial.
    Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

  4. I am a woman that needs a gluten free diet and I appreciate your information provided here. I'm going to definately try Vita-Mix because I think it is the best way to try the product first before buying the whole program. Thanks for sharing with information with me!

  5. Great blog entry! I do alot of gluten free commentary on my freelance writing sites and appreciate your information here. I've signed up for your RSS feed so I can stay in-the-know. Thanks!

  6. I recently found out I have a thyroid disorder and celiac disease. I'm looking for natural solutions to help with my illness and stumbled across your blog post from a link on Technorati. I'm definately going to look into Vita-Mix because I need as many natural solutions as possible. Thanks!

  7. Vitamix make a great appliance, don't they. they must be really sure of their quality if they're willing to do a 30 day home trial.

    I haven't tried this model myself but if others experience the same overheating and cleaning issues you have I wonder if it gets returned or if the good points outweigh the drawbacks?

  8. making 30 day trial explain that is fantastic, they trust themselves and their products, thanks for the good review above

  9. This code is still available ? If I have the location in another country, the package will be delivered here, for free ?

  10. The Vitamix free shipping (which is a $25 discount coupon code 06-002697 covering domestic shipping) still works. Be sure to paste it in the apply code/promo box before checkout. I couldn't live without my Vitamix anymore! I love it and find a million uses for it (I rarely only do the stereotypical smoothies or purees. It is great for making partial stew bases, chopping veggies, and whipping up a quick spinach egg or coconut flour batter!).

  11. While Vitamix (and Blendtec) blenders are not cheap, I have owned both brands and havent purchased a blender in over a decade. I do take quite good care of both, but this is how I offest having to purchase a new smoothie blender every two years.

  12. Wow, that's impressive that the vitamix can even grind grains into flour. That's pretty powerful. I love a good blender. I have a pretty good one now, but I tend to wear them out quickly. I think I'll try the vitamix once mine wears out.

  13. This is funny, I came across this blog looking for blogs relevent to investing, but it just so happens that I burnt out my house mates braun blender today making some home-made pesto.. So I need to invest in new one before he finds out... thanks for the review..


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