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This just came across my email and I thought I'd share it for all of you who are sensitive to eggs. Daniel Moore has an About.com allergy section and the following is an excerpt of his article. For more from Dr. Moore click here.

Can an Egg-Allergic Person Get the Flu Vaccine? From Daniel More, MD

Generally speaking, no. The influenza vaccine is produced using chick embryos, and therefore may contain a small amount of egg protein. Since the amount of egg protein may vary from one year to the next, an egg-allergic person may tolerate the vaccine one year, but not the next.

People who can eat eggs without experiencing symptoms of food allergies can safely receive the influenza vaccine despite the positive allergy test to egg. The decision to perform a vaccine challenge is based on the person’s risk from not being vaccinated to the potential risk of having an allergic reaction to the vaccine.

Source: Moylett EH, Hanson IC. Mechanistic actions of the risks and adverse events associated with vaccine administration. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2004; 114:1010-20. ©2007 About.com, Inc., a part of The New York Times Company. All rights reserved.

I should point out that vaccines pose a wealth of potential (and overt) health problems. The flu vaccine has been under attack for some time now for its toxic mercury and aluminum content. The media is very into pushing the vaccine market; constant radio bombardment, doctor "recommendations", and large ads in even the Kroger leaflets attest to this fact. In reality, it is recommended that only "high risk" children and the elderly get these flu shots, but recently it seems that the media and most doctors has deemed everyone in America as "high risk" since we are all recommended to get these shots.

My attitude: vaccines and unnatural shots like the flu shot are really only appropriate for those who are immune deficient. Otherwise the flu is just like a nasty cold; you'll feel crappy but you'll live. Seeing as how many doctors have now and in the past expressed concern over my immune capabilities (and I am sure many other celiacs get the same question), it would seem like I should be running to get the shot. I am not. A healthy gluten and dairy free low glycemic index (high in fresh, dark green vegetables) and weight lifting help me tremendously. That and good rest, some rocking Johnny Lee Hooker or even some classical tunes, and a nice cup of hot Celestial Seasonings herbal tea do the trick for me throughout most of the impending doom of "flu season." Well, all that and a nice rich espresso shot every morning :)

Good websites for more info:
Children's Health
Medicine. Net
Chet Day
Greg Ciola @NewsWithViews.com
Dr. Joseph Mercola:
The flu "secret"
Why (Mercola) never gets flu shots
2005 vaccine loaded with mercury?

I should say that Mercola has good basic info since he generally comments on outside, independent newspapers and journal articles on health. However, Mercola may rub many people the wrong way as he initially sounds extreme and outlandish.

My axe to grind with Mercola: Personally, I think he's a good starting point, but you need to use your own common sense and experience. He is also not scientifically correct on how microwaves are "bad"- this is my problem with him as he has ignored my protests to his microwave articles. As a working physicist, it is my responsibility to point out and critique bad science. So in all, read all and believe what makes sense to you- all information is valuable.

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  1. I heartily agree with your stance on vaccines. They really ought to only be given to people who are immune deficient. The potential dangers of the flu vaccine are much worse than having to endure the actual flu for a couple of days. I've had 2 friends who have come down with Gullain Barre syndrome, which is a horrible auto-immune disorder that paralyzes the body and can kill you if not stopped in time. At least one of the two got a bunch of vaccines just before coming down with the disease and there's a growing correlation that has shown that vaccines might bring about auto-immune disorders.


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