Know Your Metabolic Type

Even if you're gluten free, your diet may not be quite up to par for your individual body type. I discovered this the hard way as I spent my whole life devouring carbs, carbs, carbs, dairy, and more carbs. I was never obese, but I certainly aggravated my diabetes and I carried excess weight from bloating and food reactions. As it turns out, my body is geared more towards protein and high quality fat and a complete diet makeover became necessary if I didn't want a future of insulin injection, fatigue, and overall ill health. The following is a post I put on a Celiac.com forum awhile ago to address concerns of weight gain on a GF diet:
Eating gluten free is certainly necessary for us all, but make sure you are also not missing any other allergies. I highly recommend metabolic typing- it has worked wonders for me and I realized I spent my entire life not only poisoning myself (favorite foods of mac and cheese, Alfredo pasta, Vienna sausages, etc) but also eating completely wrong for my body. A short little free test is at:
Natural health yellow pages.com
Try it out and see what you are. I am an extremely strong protein type but my fiance is a complete carb type! We have double/separate meals most of the time, but soups and flax bread-based pizza work great- you can add whatever suits your body more- veggies and grains or meats/proteins. I find it easiest to make a basic meal and add some additional flax, olive oil, hemp or other fat and protein source to my portion while giving Jon a little more veggies and complex carbs.

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  1. This is so true... A lot of people have trouble understanding this, and think that people either just have a fast, medium, or slow metabolism - but there is a lot more to it than that. Not everybody's organs & digestive system handles food the same, of course. People have different enzyme levels, metabolic rates, etc. This is another reason why some folks believe in "prescribed diets," although something about that really turns me off. However, it is good to find out what type of foods your body handles the best and gets the most benefit from.

    Nice blog, by the way! There is so much information on here... ;)


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