Stock your kitchen with our Best Choices

Best Choices:
  1. Brown rice over white rice: cook long grain organic varieties for lowest G.I. and to avoid genetically modified rice strains (GMO)
  2. purple or red potatoes over white potatoes
  3. fresh kernel corn or frozen corn
    • over canned creamed corn
  4. bean flours (garbanzo, fava, soy- except soy has many health drawbacks, etc), nuts flours (almond, hazelnut, etc), coconut flour, hemp, ground flax, quinoa (ground or flakes), rice bran, teff, and amaranth
    • instead of white rice flour, potato flour, or white or yellow cornmeal/flour
  5. fresh nuts and seeds
  6. high fiber organic beans: black soy beans (low carb, high fiber and protein), black beans, garbanzos
  7. lentils over rice or potatoes
  8. Good fats: flax (omega 3), hemp (the ideal Omega 6 and Omega 3 balance), olive, avocado, coconut (medium chain saturated fat to boost metabolism and act as antivirual), walnuts (Omega 3), almonds (best for women for Magnesium content), brazil nuts, hazelnuts
    • instead of non-organic peanuts (contain carcinogenic mold), cashews (fine nuts, just not as good as walnuts or almonds as far as good fats and minerals), any vegetable oils- the long chain unsaturated fat is now linked to heart disease instead of saturated fats like coconut (see current research and Udo's book).
  9. High Quality Protein: Wild caught Salmon (fresh and canned), tuna (low mercury, low to no salt if possible; limit ordinary "mercury-full" tuna to 2 cans per 50 lbs body weight per week), grass-fed (local if possible) beef, bison, turkey, chicken, tilapia, lamb
    • instead of shellfish, bottom feeders (catfish), pork- most traife (non-Kosher) meats. This is since the traife meat has health detriments due to close contact of these animals with humans and the animals' lifestyle- they tend to carry diseases which are easily transmitted to humans. Swordfish is very high in mercury, so pregnant women should limit canned tuna and swordfish. Farm raised fish is of lower quality since the ponds are overcrowded and the fish feed is of low grade- most fish end up becoming bottom feeding off the sunken decaying feed.
  10. Cooking Oil: coconut oil is the only oil which does not break down and become toxic at medium to high temperatures; Raw butter (full fat preferable) for high heat is okay also- see Udo's book
    • Olive oil, flax, and hemp oils for salad dressings, marnides, etc (no high heat or frying).


  1. What about grapeseed oil? Is that any good?

  2. Mamiko,

    Grapeseed oil is ok, however it is virtually impossible to find it without any refining, processing, or deodorizing. All of these processed damage the oil. Grapeseed oil is another of many oils like canola and corn/vegetable oil which is pushed as "healthy" when they truly are not. All of these oils have very low omega 3 ratios and high Omega 6 amounts. Since the average diet is already extremely low in undamaged healthy omega 3's, excessive use of these oils will only aggravate the condition.
    The good side of grapeseed oil and these other oils is that they are monounsaturated fats (some are polyunsaturated as well). The mono and polyunsaturated fats are "healthy" good fats, but they are not essential fats like the Omega 3 and 6's. Your body cannot manufacturer Omega 3 or 6 (hence the essential part), but it can synthesize unsaturated fats itself (using the Omegas). If you're interested, I recommend Udo Erasamus' book "Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill." It is a very thorough resource on these details. Hope this helps!

  3. Why are white potatoes a worse choice compared to red ones? Aren't potatoes in general a bad thing?

  4. If there's a best basic kitchen tools and utensils ?


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