A. G. Russell Kitchen Knives

A Good Kitchen Knife

Invest in a high quality chopping knife- there are many out there, but on my meager budget we chose A. G. Russell since they have superior quality and reputation for reasonable prices. I throughly researched many different brands and weighed their cost versus the ratings and for unlimited money it seems that Shun knives have the best to offer. However, in the real world and keeping in mind that this purchase is just a darn knife, we went with A. G. Russell. Since I do quite a bit of cooking which involves furious chopping of poor victim veggies and fruits, we bought both a 10" Chef's knife and an 8" Santoku. I believe that the proper title for the knives is "VG-10 Core Damascus Kitchen Knives" which is important since the "Damascus" business is the highest quality steel for the kitchen knife line. The knives are lightweight and simply sexy; they practically beg to chop and are comfortable to hold. Best of all, the knives come with a complete satisfaction guarantee for 10 years.


  1. Oh wow! Someone else who like the Santoku too!

  2. Thank you so much for this review! It's rare to see such an excellent review of a knife, especially one denoting steel quality. Great post!


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