Salmon Salad

Salmon Salad
2 T. homemade olive oil mayonnaise or canola mayonnaise ***
1 can salmon, drained and mashed up with skin and bones
1 organic apple with skin, chopped
5 stalks celery, chopped
squeeze lemon juice
1/2 t. organic apple cider vinegar

2 T. garlic powder
1 T. crushed red pepper
1 T. dried rosemary
sea salt and pepper

Mix everything in a bowl. Let cool in the refrigerator.

**I will post my homemade olive oil mayo soon- it is quick, easy and lacks all those preservatives and bad oils which most mayos have in them.

Salmon Salad
Be aware that most mayo is made with soybean oil (or other bad long chain vegetable oils which are linked to heart disease, NOT saturated fats in coconut oil). See Udo's book on the perils of long chain fatty acids and degenerative health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, etc.

Soybean oil is bad not only for the negative health effects which stem from consumption of unfermented soy products, but also because soy has been an American marketing success-- about 70% of our oil supply is from soybean oil. This is a problem since the unsaturated long chain nature of soy oil gets damaged at high heat and thus becomes toxic. Also, the overconsumption of soy oil in the American diet distorts the natural Omega 3:6 balance in the body. If you're curious about the truth on soy and health, just Google it and you'll find a plethora of articles.

We found plain Canola mayo at Whole Foods for $2.50 which is very reasonable considering it only used canola oil, eggs, and seasonings. Most mayo is made with soybean oil to save money, so beware!

Salmon SaladCindalou's Kitchen Blues: Healthy Celiac / Coeliac Gluten and Dairy Free Recipes

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