Homemade Olive Oil Mayonnaise

This is my adaption of a Vitamix mayonnaise recipe. The Vitamix makes this so quick and easy that we barely if ever buy mayo from the store. You can use your own blender or food processor as well. If you're worried about salmonella, then use egg beaters instead of fresh eggs since egg beaters are pasteurized. Please note that pasteurization is NOT necessarily a good thing unless you are pregnant or have a weak immune system; this is not to mention that the likelihood of getting salmonella is slim to none anyways, especially if you get fresh, local free range eggs. Also, the lemon juice "cooks" the eggs chemically (much like meringue), so your eggs aren't truly raw or a threat.

I love this ability to make mayo ourselves since we can control exactly what goes in it and chose to use the "good" oils. Even if you buy your mayo from the store, you can toss it in your blender with a few spices for a great spread or dip of "exotic" spiced mayo (see seasoning ideas below).

3-5 (~3/4 c.) free range whole eggs or equivalent egg substitute (tofu)
2 c. extra virgin olive oil
1 t. mustard powder
1 t. sea salt
garlic powder, to taste
3 T. lemon juice

Optional Add-Ins (Any combo):
cayenne pepper

Combine everything except the olive oil in the Vitamix. Blend until smooth on medium speed (about 1 minute). Carefully and slowly pour the olive oil into the running blender, a little at a time. Blend for an additional 30 seconds to mix the flavors. Serve or refrigerate. This is great with Salmon Salad, tuna salad, chicken salad, turkey salad, veggie salad.... any salad really! It also could be a "gourmet" condiment if you use herbs and spices.

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  1. I tried this and it had a bitter taste. I think it was the olive oil. I added more lemon and some sugar but the bitter taste was still there. I've kept the oil in the fridge since buying it and only opened it yesterday.

  2. what speed is "medium"?

  3. I went shopping for the ingredients for a homemade Ranch dressing and when I got back I realized I was out of mayonnaise! This recipe worked like a charm. Have you thought what would happen if you ran the Vita Mix long enough to heat the mayonnaise? Would that be enough to pasteurize it? In my case I didn't need to worry as I'm not serving anyone pregnant!

    Sheila from Creative Salad Recipes

    I substituted hemp seed oil for part of the olive oil which gave it a slightly grassy flavor - healthy of course. But you shouldn't do this if you're planning to keep the mayonnaise for very long, because the hemp seed oil needs to stay in its dark plastic bottle in the refrigerator, away from light, to preserve the essential fatty acids.

  4. Extra virgin olive oil has a fairly strong flavor compared to many other common oils and many who are used to commercial mayo may not like the flavor. For some reason, EVOO mayo develops a bitter taste when blended with an electric blender or mixer, but not so much if made with hand whisk. For a milder flavored homemade mayo, I use pure olive oil (that's the only time I use refined OO).

  5. I used canola. It was awesome and i am very picky. A++++++

  6. I can not get it to whip up!!! It is runny what am I doing wrong? I did it in the vitamix.

  7. the evoo would have an unpleasant taste to some people in this instance. It is usually recommended to use regular olive oil for mayonnaise. I am going to try this with olive oil - thanks for the recipe!

  8. Should this be the whole egg, or just the yolks?


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