Asparagus and Red Pepper Omelet

2 eggs, scrambled
handful fresh asparagus*
slice raw red cabbage
2-3 slices fresh red bell pepper
slices jalapeno
1 T. extra virgin olive oil

sea salt and pepper

Add olive oil and asparagus to the pan and sautee lightly 1-2 minutes. Remove asparagus and add eggs to pan. Cook over low while scraping at the sides to cook the omelet. When eggs are done, add asparagus and raw cabbage and peppers. You may wish to add a dash of Bragg's aminos or serve with salsa, but I did not here. I actually used this omelet for a to-go lunch for work- eggs are a great lunch option which eliminate the boredom of the "same old lunch syndrome." I added shiritaki noodles to the lunch for a different texture to contrast the crunch veggies and eggs.

*I used some leftover Garlic Asparagus. You can just use raw asparagus also- it is fantastic!

Lunch! Quick, Easy, Healthy, low carb and deliciously gluten and dairy free....mmmm

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