Turnip Green Soup

Frigid winter weather here up on our mountaintop hillside brings chills, ice, and cravings for some nice warm soup.  Of course me being me, I crave greens.  Already through my winter rotation of collards, kale, and mustards my body says "TURNIPS!" I mean it, in all capitals- seriously. 

It sure helps that the  turnip greens are packed with calcium and iron as well as many B vitamins and vitamin C.  Turnips themselves make lovely low carb options for soup, stews and puree dishes either replacing potatoes or used in conjunction with potatoes.  (Hence the common cauliflower or turnip switcharoo for mashed potatoes).

January being the new year resolution and diet bonanzzana that it is, low carb diets and primal type diets are all the rage.   I am not a fan of fad diets or even the notion of dieting.  Thus keeping with the "real food" mantra and eating what I have poking up between mounds of dirty snow and mulch, here's to turnips.  Ode to my mother as well for cooking greens for me (she loves kale now!) and calling my dad a "turnip head" (but not because he eats turnips).  

To me, bowl of green goodness.  To Jon, something rotting and wayy past its prime.

2 large turnips, washed
1 large bunch fresh turnip greens, washed and pat dry
2 jalapenos, seeded (optional)
2 slices nitrate free turkey (or pork if desired) bacon
1 cup dry white wine
1 cup water or gluten free chicken broth (homemade or I also use Kitchen Basics)
pink sea salt, to taste
fresh ground white pepper
Italian seasoning and parsley to taste
1 t. (gluten free) dijon mustard (Koops brand is gluten free)
2 T. virgin coconut oil (or bacon fat if desired)

This soup is a no brainer- start with not eating all the greens as you wash them (this is a clever tip I need to give myself often).  Wash and pat dry the greens and cut off the turnips and wash them.  I do not peel my turnips but peel away if you desire.  Start melting the coconut oil (or fat back) in a pot and place in the turkey bacon to brown.  Add the salt, pepper, and spices.

Wash and seed the jalapenos and set aside.  Chop the turnips into quarters or rough chunks.

Meanwhile, puree the greens in your Vitamix (or blender) with the water or stock.  Once the bacon is brown add the peppers and turnips and saute until the peppers are soft.  If you are short on time (or lazy like me) just add the wine to the peppers, bacon, and turnips and steam until the turnips are soft.  Be sure to cover the pot so you retain as much vitamin C as possible.  Once the vegetables are tender pour over the greens puree and add the dijon mustard and any other spices you want.  Let simmer until warm.  If you eat dairy I would recommend some raw cheese such as Beyond Organics's raw cheddar or your basic Parmesan cheese. Otherwise add a dollop of full fat coconut milk or creme fraiche to top the soup.   I ate it with a bow of fresh spinach, mushroom and raw apple ginger sauerkraut salad.  Now slurp away!

Notes: Jon thinks it has too much spice with 2 peppers (he's a wuss :)) and he says otherwise it tastes remarkably like split pea soup.  So there you go- a paleo low carb fake pea soup.  Exactly what I was thinking when I pureed turnip greens (sigh).  Sneak a bowl to your kids or spouse and see if they notice and comment below.

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