Green "Muffins" [Paleo][Low Carb]

Want a healthy Halloween appetizer, snack, or just a plain old hearty munchie? Try some ghoulishly green muffins (don't fret they're just spinach egg muffins).  I was trying to find a good Cindalou option for a Halloween party dish and Jon suggested that I just make some of my normal food- something gross looking and green goo-ish.  For once we agree ;)

I adapted this recipe from Steal This Meal Spinach Egg Muffins, though I have made similar in the past with coconut flour.  This time I added egg whites (since I had them) and used my Vitamix (since I'm lazy).  Steal this meal also has a nice kale recipe for those kale fans out there... that's me, of course.   They have a great Paleo recipe and lifestyle site so check it out.  No, I don't know them I just like their stuff.  Not everyday you can mash the superfood vitamin and mineral packed bags o' spinach and farm fresh free range eggs into a Paleo party bite.  Well, around here it is an everyday thing...  You can almost sing the alphabet in vitamins in this dish- give me a "A," "K," "MaGNESIUM."  Not to mention bioavilable B12, choline, selenium.  You get the idea.  Alas, onto green goodness:


6 whole fresh eggs
1/4 c. dried egg whites (or 6 egg white equivalent or just more eggs) + water (see below)
3 cloves raw garlic
3 lbs. frozen spinach
1 T. lemon juice (optional)
sea salt and pepper, to taste (about 2 t.-1 T. each)
spices to taste: I used ~1 T. crushed red pepper, Italian seasoning, and 1 t. cayenne)
2 T. extra virgin olive oil
    Steam the 3 lbs frozen spinach with 1 T. water and 1 T. lemon juice (if desired) until vibrant green but soft and cooked (7-10 mins depending on temperature). Set aside and let cool. 

    Line muffin cups and spray with nonstick spray or coat with coconut oil (or real butter). Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 

    In the Vitamix (or your blender) add the powdered egg whites (I used 1/4 c. dry egg whites= 6 egg whites of the Deb El Just Whites brand) and water (1/2 c. then additional 1/4 c water to make smooth consistency) and blend on low until dissolved (1-2 minutes, varying speed). 


    Using a jam press or slotted spoon drain the spinach until very dry. I also used my flat fold colander to help squeeze out all the liquid, though hands work fine also. 

    Add the spinach to the egg white-water mixture in blender. Blend on medium for 1 minute to help mix. Add 6 raw eggs. Add garlic and spices (also pepper, 1 T. Italian seasoning and 1 T. crushed red pepper) and extra virgin olive oil. 

    Blend on medium mixing with Vitamix damper. When well mixed (2-3 minutes) turn to high and mix vigorously until well blended and bright green (my favorite!) Spoon into muffin cups and bake at 350 for 15-17 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.

    Best toppings (as if they need 'em): raw organic almond butter or coconut oil (butter for ya'll dairy folks out there).  Actually a kalamata olive would go nicely too...

    Yield: About 22 medium "muffins" (I swae that count is before I ate half the batch!)
    I added this recipe to Nutrition Data for the stats and label: 

    Army of green goblin goodness... ahh yum!

    Cindalou's Kitchen Blues: Healthy Celiac / Coeliac Gluten and Dairy Free Recipes


    1. The color isn't really that nice for usual eating days but I think it is a good fit for Halloween. :)

    2. I think the color is just fine as it assures me I am eating healthy! Right? Isn't anything green really good for you? I am excited to try this recipe! Happy Halloween!

    3. Green "Muffins" are new for me.
      I read your whole blog. Preparation process is not
      very tough. I want to making it as soon as possible.

      very-very thanks for sharing with us

    4. A greeny Halloween treat! Are you sure, 3 cloves raw garlic, I think that's too much. Happy Halloween!

    5. Yep the color really puts the muffins in the Halloween category!

    6. it is very interesting and informative post thanks for posting it was usefull for me!

    7. The looks don't really appeal to my taste buds but the nutritional value looks superb. Perfect for Halloween diner! :)

    8. I thought I should add a note that they do not freeze well and recover at all! I'll continue revising it. The previous batch with coconut flour did freeze and reheat beautifully though.

    9. Unluckily the Halloween is already gone. I will bookmark this page and try it next year! I guess my family will enjoy it so much. Thanks for the information.

    10. Muffins are new one for me, as I want to lose my excess weight and try different green vegetables, so this seems to be a new taste for me, I defiantly try it.

    11. Its for the first time i have seen muffins containing spinach and eggs both. We can't deny the nutritional facts but i hate spinach. Still i am gonna try this as its going to help me at gym. I love working out and building muscles. As its containing eggs too it will definitely going to increase the taste.

      Overall a pretty nice look, and an healthy food. I will try this with certain modifications and going to post the new one again. Thanks a lot for the recipe.

    12. wow, the dish looks great and delicious.
      i would surly try this, it would be a great experience.
      thanks for sharing this.

    13. I thought I should add a note that they do not freeze well and recover at all! I'll continue revising it. The previous batch with coconut flour did freeze and reheat beautifully though.

    14. Cindy, those are fantastic. Made a batch last night. Thank you so much for this recipe! cheers,

    15. So these muffins are not really cooked except only the steaming of the spinach? How did these taste? Very imaginative recipe.

    16. I really enjoy your blog so far :) great.. i'm hungry now lol

    17. Excellent suggestion! And it looks very healthy.

    18. I am glad I found your website! Your recipes seem very interesting and unique, healthy and yummy. I will definitely try to make some of these. Thanks so much for sharing! Happy holidays!

    19. Healthy plus very yummy recipe. Good for all. Just want to try it now.

    20. Thanks for therecipe cindy! This certainly looks delicious! My wife and I look forward to giving these a whirl. Keep up the great work!

    21. Good article... paleo is also the best for diet... thanks for this article as by material for me to make contents

    22. I like the colour. And I bet the taste is as good as the colour!

    23. This is very Healthy Recipe. Thanks for Sharing...

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    25. Well..actually, It look not really interesting at all. I have never eaten this one. Hope to have a chance to check it out! 

    26.  The same to me! i have never tasted this one. It seems to be good for our health.

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    31. These green muffins look like broccoli on a foil. Looking yummy and healthy!
      I bet the kids will dodge these little green cuppy but not me and my health conscious friends. 
      Thanks for sharing these wonderful recipe!

    32. I have never tasted a green muffin. This seems to be much healthier. Shall we use other greens instead of spinach. You can even top the muffins with pistas and peanut to make it more crunchy and nutritious. 

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