Speedy Hemp Seed Cucumber Dill Soup [Low Carb] [Vegan]

3 large organic cucumbers, washed with skin
3 cloves garlic
1/4" ginger
1 c. organic coconut milk*
1 1/2 c. unsweetened original hemp milk
~2 T. extra virgin olive oil

pinch dried spearmint leaves
dash cayenne pepper (optional!)
sea salt and pepper, to taste
hefty pinch dried dill
4 fresh basil leaves
4-5 fresh mint leaves
1 T. garlic powder

1/4 c. shelled organic hemp seed (plus extra for topping)

* you can use all hemp milk if you'd like. The coconut milk makes the ordinarily thin soup a bit thicker and more satisfying to me.

Wash, dry, and cut a whole cucumber into thirds or quarters. Add the cucumber, ginger root, and garlic to your VitaMix or other blender. For about 30 seconds, blend on medium-hi (5) while using the damper (or a long-handled spoon out of reach of the running blades) to compress the cucumber. Once the larger chunks of cucumber are chopped, turn off the blender.

Add in the hemp milk, coconut milk, olive oil and spices. Use your imagination for spices. I made this soup earlier in the summer when my mint plants were taking over the porch and begging to be used. Turn your blender to high and blend it for 1-2 minutes. I blend my soup until it is thoroughly mixed but there are still shreds of cucumber not pureed so it isn't just a single consistency. Serve cold, sprinkled with hemp seeds. This soup is quick and easy as a delicious, cooling appetizer or side soup.

I used to adore the Hungarian Cucumber Soup I made every summer, but after finally saying adios to yogurt and dairy I've not made it since. A recent onslaught of cucumbers, mint, and dill sent me craving another batch of coconut yogurt for this recipe. I will still do that in the future, but for now I'm making (dairy laden) goat milk yogurt in our Crockpot for Jon. I have to appease the dairy guzzlers in the house occasionally :) I thought a good swap for this soup would be coconut milk, but after reading on and on about Karina's love for hemp milk I decided to use it as the base.

I love hemp anyways and wanted another faucet of this amazing healthfood in my diet. This soup takes about 2-3 minutes in the Vitamix and is a nice cool, refreshing appetizer or meal. For even more protein toss in a scoop of hemp protein powder if you have it on hand. If not, no worries- hemp seed is nature's perfect little vegan package of balanced Omega3:6 healing fats, fiber (low carb!), and complete protein. All those Canadian's sure make a killing off our growing American demand for hemp!

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  1. Wow, even "under construction" you site looks SO nice! New camera, too? Love these photos. And, as always, your recipes and information are the best. Yeah, hemp! Such a good, good protein source. Oh, and I love tahini dressing of any kind. Will add your recipe to my collection. Thanks! I've missed you!
    Take care, Melissa

  2. This soup sounds delicious! I'm planning on having this for lunch today - I love Hemp Seeds mixed with ground up flax over cereal.


  3. Hi Melissa - geez we're way behind on getting back to everyone here in comments :( I can't comment much as to the recipes - other than "YUM" :) We've put a lot of work into the layout, so certainly glad you like it :) Our camera, however, has not changed. Hopefully that means we are getting better at food photography?

    Hi M-Elle! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hemp seeds and flax are staples here. In fact, your cereal idea sounds quite good! Thanks - let us know how the soup turns out for you :)


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  5. i'm trying to learn how to cook, thanks for sharing your ideas... Busby SEO challenge


  6. Hi, I am now dairy free and gluten free, are your recipies free of both or just one or the other

  7. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I will definitely try it out at home.

  8. Great recipe! One question though, I've never seen hemp milk at any of the markets I go to (Albertsons and Vons). Where would I have to go to get it? Maybe whole foods? And, could you use a different kind of milk altogether, like rice milk or would that just taste weird?

  9. Where can you get coconut milk? Is it just the stuff you get when you crack open a coconut? I always just called that "coconut water".

  10. when i had made this at first time i forget the mint. and i feel the this is not so good but when i made it again i include the mint and it has totally different test. it's good. the coconut milk found in the coconut that have water. just break the coconut take the water off and make the pice of coconut and take the milk from juicer.

  11. I was very pleased to find this site.I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

  12. I'm always on the lookout for new and tasty vegan recipes. This sounds like one I will be trying out soon!

  13. Thanks for your recipe! Gonna try it now. From the ingredients listed and the method I guess it should be good to taste!

  14. Hey there! I'm not vegan but I do love trying out new recipes. Soups are a favourite as I can heat it in the morning and put it in a thermos for lunch. I'm not agreat fan of cold soup but I'll give it a try - nothing ventured . . .

    I sometimes actually leave home in the mornings with 3 flasks in my backpack. One with hot soup and the other two with my juice for the day.

    I struggle sometimes with ginger so I'll go sparingly on that.

    Going to try this next week - I'll post back with thoughts.

    Seeya, John

  15. Hey there!

    Tried this recipe and it's delicious. Tried it cold and loved it. I don't normally like cold soups but it tastes different cold than it does when hot.

    When cold, the ginger & garlic really comes through quite strong.

    Took a flask to my 90 yo mom on Sunday and she said it lovley.

    So hey, thumbs up from mom - that's some accolade!

    Seeya, John

  16. This soup sounds delicious! I'm planning on having this for lunch today

  17. That sounds awesome. I recently started using hemp protein powder because of all the amino acids it has and the Omega 3 EFA content as well. I've never tried hemp in anything by smoothies before. I'm really interested to see what it'll taste like.

  18. Looks good. I really like soup, but this is very different from what we normally eat. Maybe I'll give it a try1

  19. It seems healthy to me, will give it a try, let see its yummy too :)

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  22. I think its a delicious soup. I can't wait to try this. Thank you for sharing this recipe to us.

  23. Really interesting, this is first time i heard about cucumber soup. Certainly i will try that whenever i manage the time.


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