Vegan Holiday "Eggnog" [Soy Free] [Low Carb] [Low Fat] [Paleo]

This "eggnog" is my vegan low fat and low carb substitute for traditional dairy eggnog. I used to drink the Silk Soy Nog, but since I am (mostly) soy free now and avoid added sugar if possible, I had to invent my own nog-like substance. This turned out fantastic and I am really looking forward to using it in my holiday eggnog espresso "lattes" and even as a dessert sauce as well as a great nog substitute. Adjust the molasses and Stevia to your liking. I think this is fairly sweet as is.

The sweeteners I used here were Stevia and organic unsulfured blackstrap molasses. Look for the molasses at Whole Foods or your local health food store. It is currently on sale for the season. Unsulfured blackstrap molasses is an excellent source of iron and many other minerals. The sugars in the molasses are only partially digested in the stomach as well, so they do not cause a spike in blood insulin. The leftover sugars slowly digest in the intestine and provide nutrients for the good bacteria in the gut. I love the molasses now and I have found that it does not aggravate my blood sugar levels (at least so far; being a physicist, I cannot help but to take many sugar level readings with my meter -> more glorious data points which I can analyze and compare :) ). I would consider this diabetic friendly, but use your intuition and common sense if you are sensitive to molasses. This nog is egg free, dairy free, gluten free, soy free, low carb, low fat, and low glycemic impact/load. It does contain nuts (almond milk) and lite coconut milk. I apologize if anyone else out there has a recipe like this already, I haven't seen one yet so I'm really excited that this worked out so well. I hope you all like it!

~300 mL. unsweetened original almond milk
200 mL. unsweetened lite organic coconut milk (or regular for non-low fat version)
~1/4 t. cinnamon
1 t. organic (gluten free) vanilla (not imitation vanilla or other vanilla with corn syrup)
1 heaping T. organic unsulfured blackstrap molasses (~1 T. +1 t.)
2 packets Stevia
1 cinnamon stick, broken in half for garish

Combine all ingredients except the cinnamon sticks in a shaker cup or blender. Mix briefly and serve cold with cinnamon stick garnish. As I mentioned before, this would be great in espresso or even just warm alone. This is nonalcoholic, add spirits or rum to your liking.


  1. I have a container of pure stevia extract from trader joe's (not the one with the lactose cut in). Do you know about how much of that I would use for this recipe? I have no idea how much is in a packet and am new to trying stevia. Thanks!

  2. Hi Alisa,

    I used two packets of stevia. Each stevia packet contains 1 gram, only 90 milligrams of which is actual stevia extract. The remaining 91% is rice maltodextrin. Hope this helps - this eggnog is going on my all-time holiday favorites list!


  3. What almond milk do you use? Thanks.

  4. I use Almond Breeze Unsweetened almond milk in the original, vanilla, and chocolate varieties (all unsweetened). I like Almond Breeze since it is well-labeled as gluten, lactose & casein free and it often goes on sale.

    A good sale here is less than $2 per carton, but a $2 per carton sale is decent and happens more often.

  5. I usually don't like eggnog. But this vegan "eggnog" recipe has completely converted me: No egg in it :) and it has almond milk (yummy). Can I use agave syrup instead of blackstrap molasses (hard to find this ingredient where I live)? Thanks.

  6. This is the most wonderful eggnog recipe that I have ever found on the internet. I am soy intolerant so I could not have my eggnog on holidays because of that but now on, I will prepare my soy free eggnog. By the way, I'm glad to tell you that I'm vegetarian.

  7. Just inspired me to make a version of this with stevia! I whizz in about 1/2 tsp. glucomannan (konjac flour) to thicken it to a creamy, egg yolk consistency. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow great recipe. I am a vegan and have never tried eggnog. I guess I will be able to try it out now. Thanks

  9. do you think I could use goat milk instead of almond milk.. The friend i'm making it for is allergic to most everything but LOVES egg nog...


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