Rotisserie Rosemary Lamb [Paleo] [Low Carb]

semi boneless leg of lab (ours was about 2.6 lbs- try to get well treated, grass fed and local roasts when possible)

dried rosemary
cayenne pepper
hot curry powder
crushed red pepper

You'll need special equipment for this one, of course! I used our baby George Foreman rotisserie which fits a medium to large sized chicken (~6 lbs max). The instructions here are easy: Wash off the raw lamb and mount it on the rotisserie bar. Secure the meat with the rotisserie skewers and mount the assembly into the cooker, as shown below.

I mixed all of the seasonings in a plastic bowl and dry rubbed the mixture onto the meat. The fat in the lamb kept the meat moist as the roast rotated. Cook the roast depending on its weight. Our 2.6 lb leg with bone cooked for about an hour. If you aren't sure about exact timing, then err on the side of less done. Charred lamb is never good :)

I served this with my Grapefruit and Cranberry Glazed Green Beans and Molasses-Maple Pecan Carrots.

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