Fiesta Vegetable Sweet Potato Soft Tacos [Vegan]

One of my favorite combinations for many of Jon's lunches uses low net carb/high fiber organic beans (either black, chickpea, great northern, and organic tri bean mixes), and nutrient-dense root vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes. This combo is a great vegan protein, fiber, and vitamin powerhouse. It is also perfect for the fall and winter seasons when these items are fresh and abundant. Many other gluten free bloggers like Karina use sweet potatoes as a vegan meal base, but I haven't tried many of those recipes yet. They all look delicious! Here's my easy and quick lunch or dinner side dish favorite combo:

1 medium organic sweet potato
1/2 lb. frozen corn (kernels)
2 organic carrots
1 15 oz. can no sodium organic tomato sauce or crushed tomatoes and/or 2 c. low sodium chunky salsa
1 15 oz. can organic black beans, drained
6-8 corn tortillas
2-4 T. extra virgin olive oil

sea salt
dash hot sauce

Cook the sweet potato either by conventional means or by washing the potato and microwaving it on a microwave-safe plate for a few minutes until fork tender. You do not need to wrap the potato in Saran wrap, it cooks fine on a plate alone (thanks to Michelle for pointing this out!). Be sure to fork the potatoes if you microwave it so it doesn't explode. Set the potato aside to cool.

Open and drain the black beans and empty into a medium to large saucepot. Wash and chop the carrots into thick coins (I usually use the Saladmaster for this). Add the corn and turn to medium heat to bring the vegetables to a simmer. Add the spices and olive oil. As it simmers, either use kitchen shears or a chopping knife to roughly chop the cooled sweet potato. Add the sweet potato to the pot and stir well. Let everything heat through for a few minutes.

Cover the stack of corn tortillas with a moist paper towel and microwave on a microwave-safe plate for about 30 - 45 seconds so they are soft. Once the vegetable mix in the pot is hot, spread the tortillas out on serving plates and top with the bean/veggie spice mixture. Spoon the tomato sauce and/or salsa on top and sprinkle over parsley, fresh chopped basil, and sea salt. Serve hot.
If you eat dairy, some plain low fat yogurt is a nice substitute for sour cream. A dollop of the creamy top of unshaken unsweetened organic full-fat coconut milk works well also if you're dairy free. Wrap up and enjoy!

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  1. Wow... this Tacos looks damn delicious. You are making me hungry .. ha ha..


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