Spicy Tamari Spinach Seaweed Roll [Vegan]

Gluten Free Dairy Free Vegan Spinach Seaweed Roll
2 sheets organic Pacific Sushi Nori (Seaweed wraps)*
~1/2 lb frozen chopped spinach
1 T. San-J wheat free tamari
shake onion flakes
shake dehydrated garlic flakes
shake crushed red pepper flakes
1 t. cayenne pepper

Spray a large fry pan with nonstick spray and add the frozen spinach and seasonings. Drizzle over the tamari and cover. Cook on medium heat for 5-9 minutes or until the spinach is soft. You can cook it at higher heat or use a steamer, but this is the easiest method for me.

Once the spinach is finished, spoon it into the nori seaweed wraps by forming a long stripe of spinach down the left side of the wrap. Use the small amount of wrap on the left side to gently roll the spinach up tightly; the nori becomes taught and elastic when it gets moist from the spinach, so it will be easier to roll than the brittle dry nori sheets. Tuck the ends of the wrap in and slice diagonal, across the middle. Serve hot.

*Apparently, these don't sell too well at our local Food Lion. We bought upwards of 30 packets for a discounted price ~ $0.50 each instead of the usual $4 per pack :)

Gluten Free Dairy Free Vegan Spinach Seaweed RollCindalou's Kitchen Blues: Healthy Celiac / Coeliac Gluten and Dairy Free Recipes

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