Happy Autumn Equinox! [Almost]

Tomorrow, Sunday at 9:51 am autumn equinox is official. Horrah! The equinox is when the sun is aligned opposed to one of the intersection points of the celestial equator and ecliptic plane... this is 'technical' mumbojumbo for the day and night are of equal length. Neat, huh?

As with all other seasonal holidays, many religions and spiritualities have celebrations centered around this time of year which focus on the harvest feast for the coming of fall...a new season, new beginnings. We are throwing a massive feast this weekend at out place (and our zero friends :) ) in honor of the equinox... like a early Thanksgiving. Indeed this is a thanksgiving, but not the Americanized water-down Indian and settler storybook feast (though we do that one too) :)

In case you're wondering why I always post holiday greetings early, it is because I am to busy during the actual holiday with good company and good food.

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