Coconut Frosting [Vegan]

Vegan Dairy Free Gluten Free Coconut Frosting
1 15 oz. organic coconut milk
2 T. potato starch flour (we use Ener-G brand)
2 T. corn starch
5 t. unflavored psyllium husk fiber powder
2 T. natural brown sugar (can omit, but potato starch is slightly bitter)

Mix all with a hand mixter until smooth and thickened. I whipped it for about 2 minutes and added the psyllium fiber 2 t. at a time while mixing until the frosting set into a spreadable form.

In retrospect, I would just use coconut milk, cinnamon and a lot of unflavored fiber powder (2/3 c. or more or until the frosting thickened). Some ground flax, coconut flour, or almond flour would also do the trick (but then it wouldn't be nut free for almond flour). I used this to frost the Carrot and Veggie Spice Cake, but it would work well on any cake where you would normally use cream cheese frosting.

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