Vegetarian Sushi

These aren't the most beautiful rolls you have ever seen, but they're my first or second try at hand making sushi without a bamboo roller or any proper tools - who needs fancy equipment when you're hungry and have fresh veggies crying out to be sliced and rolled into perfection?

2 sheets organic sushi nori seaweed for wrapping (I use Eden brand)
2 radishes
1 jalapeƱo pepper
3-4" of fresh cucumber
slice of red onion
about 1/4 c. brown rice
handful grated carrot
sea salt and pepper
cream cheese or goat cheese (optional if going dairy free- I just leave it out for my own rolls)

Dipping sauce:
2 T. San-J Low Sodium Wheat Free Tamari
3 T. fresh minced ginger

Slice vegetables very thin and cut cucumber into long thin rods. Spread cooled rice and cream cheese (if using) onto wrap in a thin layer. Layer in the vegetables on the far left side in a narrow column and be careful not to over stuff the roll since it makes wrapping difficult and messy. Carefully roll to the right while tucking the filling in as you go. Wrap tightly and place seam side down. Slice gently with a very sharp knife which has been dipped in hot to warm fresh or salted water (so rice does not stick). Serve cold with dipping sauce and enjoy! You can make these again and again and they never get old since you can fill them with different veggies, meats, cheese, and rice every time.

Serves: 2

Glycemic Index Note: I use brown rice rather than the typical white sticky sushi rice since the brown rice has a much lower glycemic index and tastes just as good in the sushi rolls.

This recipe is gluten free.

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  1. I had seen the Nori sheets at my local healthfood store and wondered if I could make some sort of rolls with them that were just rice and vegetables. I was delighted to find this recipe. I purchased the nori and now have my grocery list ready to go for the other ingredients. Thank you so much! Elizabeth, Wesley Chapel, FL


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