GF Bread Machine Woes

My first breadmaker is, ironically, for the start of my ambitious gluten free lifestyle. I read all the reviews and decided for the money that I'd stick with a well-rated Sunbeam despite the fact most gluten-free bloggers recommend more expensive brands. The Sunbeam Breadmaker is a great price with free shipping on Amazon, and has proven itself worthy of gluten free bread lovemaking (that's what I call getting to peak in the window as it kneads the dough for me!). It lacks a gluten free cycle, but the quick cycle works fine for gluten free bread.

My only complaint is that is isn't quite large enough since my loaf rose all the way to the viewer window (maybe it was just my first loaf going nuts). I used a Bob's Red Mill homemade wonderful GF bread mix and substituted Almond Breeze milk for dairy; the mix was a bit expensive, but it was worth the assurance that if the loaf failed it was not me. The bread was great, Jon savored every bite since it was his first nongluten-lad slice for awhile.

I recommend this breadmaker if you want to purchase one and don't mind that it doesn't have a special gluten free setting. It is available here on Amazon cheapest.


  1. Your bread runneth over!

    I think you'll find the Sunbeam makes a 1 lb loaf, and Bob's Red Mill Homemade Wonderful GF Bread Mix is a 1.5 lb loaf.

    Good thing it wasn't wetter. Nothing worse than having your precious GF incredients roll over the pan and into the oven... burning all the way.

  2. I finally decided to try my hand with my 2 lb Sunbeam Convection breadmaker. I am so happy with the results. I'm well on my way to doing it all myself, the 1st 4 loves were made with mixes, I wanted to see what I could do before I busted out on my own. I encourage everyone to bake their own bread. Mother's Day is here soon enough and breadmakers are cheap! You don't need a gluten-free bread machine and remember, there are other things you can do in a breadmaker like make jam!!


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