Chocolate Flax and Whey Protein Smoothie

2 scoops whey protein isolate *
2-3 T. unsweetened cocoa powder (not processed with alkali)
about 8 ice cubes
1/2 c. water (add slowly- you only need enough to get the ice grinding)
cinnamon, to taste
2 T. ground flax
2 T. almond butter

Add everything to the Vitamix (or your blender) and blend on high for 1-3 minutes until smooth. You can add more water or blend longer to get a more liquid consistency- I like it thicker where I can eat it with a spoon. This is great as a dessert or as a meal. I add extra almond butter and top the smoothie with extra flax and cinnamon since I am an almond and flax addict.

* I only use very high quality whey protein isolate from NOW Foods (or Greens and Whey from Biochem). They are both gluten free and the whey isolate is lactose free- if you are dairy sensitive, do not use whey concentrate or whey blends since they do have lactose.


  1. Sounds yummy. :)

    I just wanted to mention - for the sake of those who are allergic to dairy (like me) that whey is a milk protein high in lactose (milk sugar); the other dairy protein one can react to is casein.

    Unfortunately, if one is allergic to casein, whey protein is usually a problem as well. And if one is sensitive to lactose, whey can be a real troublemaker! ;)

    Take care!


  2. Karina,

    You bring up a valid point - whey protein blend (concentrate + isolate) does have lactose in it and should be avoided for those of us who are allergic to lactose. However, whey protein isolate is considered safe for celiac, lactose intolerance, and casein intolerance. See #6 here:

    That is why we recommend and use Now Whey Protein Isolate

  3. Hey Jon! Thanks for the link and info. :) As always, it's an individual scenario - for instance - when I was tested for food allergies this summer (beyond gluten) I tested as highly allergic to casein and whey - both proteins. If someone suspects dairy is an issue, it's wise to get a blood test to find out exactly where you stand.

    Dairy allergy can delay healing of the gut, produce symptoms similar to gluten intolerance, and induce malabsorption and inflammation (as in my case).

    If going gluten-free doesn't resolve 100% of one's symptoms, dairy is a primary culprit. According to recent studies, 50% of all celiacs are dairy sensitive!

    Thanks for letting me discuss my current passion - additional food allergies. ;)

    Take care - and be well!


  4. Thanks Karina! Yes, a blood test would be a smart thing to do- I might be up for another one of these to check casein [again] and now sweet potato skins. Yes, the skins?!? I don't understand...

    Anyways, there are a few good options for those sensitive to whey, casein, and lactose. I've read your recent allergy post - your allergies certainly require a bit of cooking creativity.

    For those not allergic to egg, Egg White protein is a good option. I use and recommend Jay Robb.
    Vegan Rice Protein is also a good option, although it doesn't taste quite as good as others. It's also made from brown rice, so you should moderate that as well.

    The best option I can think of for you and others allergic to egg and dairy products is Hemp Protein or Hemp Seed. All of these proteins would work well in this smoothie.

    Flax is a great healthy smoothie thickener for those not sensitive to it.

  5. This one is a nice post with nice comments.
    Anyway I'm not allergic to diary and I want to give it a try for my 2 year old daughter.

    Thanks to Cindy and all other lovely commentors

  6. Hello Dude,

    Whey protein can help reduce your appetite and boost your metabolism. This protein comes in different flavors such as vanilla and chocolate making it perfect for a daily whey protein smoothie to have for breakfast or lunch. Here is a recipe for a quick and easy smoothie that you can mix up in just minutes. Thanks for sharing it......


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