Vegetable Fusilli Bake

This is one of the eight or so dishes which I prepared today in advance for next week. I made today a super cooking extravaganza day so that I could prepare all of Jon's main meals from when I fly to Yale on Sunday. It was lots of fun but also a little stressful since making this many different dishes at once required lots of prep space and sink space which we don't have... Jon was wonderful though and rose the the occasion as a dish washing machine :)

You will notice a few dairy full dishes here in the next few days since I am cooking up "Jon only" food. I love to cook and be creative, but I'm not sure how fair the world is. He gets delicious, healthy meals just waiting for him in the refrigerator, and I get a week of stranded in New Haven with pizza and beer junkies ... sigh. What's the phrase? "If it doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger?" Perhaps. I always thought that idea was a little macho and ignorant myself. It'll be good to relinquish control over my obsessive meal planning for a week, though. I can worry about coming home sick later - I know you feel me here Karina!

Gluten Free Healthy Vegetable Fusilli Casserole Bake

1/2 lb dry (=1 c.) Tinkyada brown rice pasta*
8 c. water
3 T. Smart Balance Vegan butter
1 lb. frozen mixed vegetables (I used the pea, green bean, and carrot combo)
1 15 oz. can organic diced tomatoes
8 oz. grated mozzarella cheese**
8 oz. grated Colby cheese**
1 organic carrot, chopped
1 T. extra virgin olive oil

Italian seasoning
sea salt and pepper

* We used fusilli shaped brown rice pasta with rice bran

Fill a large stock pot or pasta pot with at least 8 cups water. Cook the pasta for about 9 minutes in boiling water, then remove immediately and drain. Rinse the pasta with cold water, drain again, and put back in the empty pot. Spray a small (8"x8") Pyrex dish with nonstick spray and preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

While pasta is cooking, chop carrot and set aside. Grate the cheeses and set aside. When the noodles are finished, add the Smart Balance, sea salt, and seasonings. Mix thoroughly. Add the frozen vegetables, carrot, and about 2/3 the grated cheese to the pot and stir.

Spoon the entire mixture into the greased Pyrex and cover the top with the rest of the cheese. Bake at 350 degrees for 25-35 minutes.

Gluten Free Healthy Vegetable Fusilli Casserole Bake
Cindalou's Kitchen Blues: Healthy Celiac / Coeliac Gluten and Dairy Free Recipes


  1. this looks so yum...
    am actually glad i subscribed to ur blog...

  2. Hi, got here from Karina's . Why aren't you bringing food with you? I carry on all sorts of food when I travel, most recently just 3 weeks ago, and it certainly makes it easier to survive. good luck.

  3. FC- Thanks! It's too bad that we can taste each others food from the web :)

    I am cramming a few single serving packets of drained salmon, tuna, and greens & protein powder so I can add them to my salads & other food at Yale. I can't pack much food since I am only bringing a carry on :( Thanks for the tip though!

  4. When I think "pasta" I don't really think abou the oven! Looks like a good recipe to me. I'm gonna try to add this to my regular list of pasta recipes.


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