It's my Birthday! Celebratin' it fashionably gluten free

Ahh! Where does the time go?? Today is [was] my birthday and to celebrate it I treated myself to a full guilt-free day of hookie in the kitchen whipping up gluten free goodies. Sure, Outback has a gluten free menu so I could have whined to finally have someone else cook for me... but where's the fun in that when I can do a little [lot] of zen-meditation cookin' to Johnny Lee Hooker blues music and make my apartment smell like heaven? Somehow time slips away and it is now 11:17 pm (my favorite two numbers) and almost not my birthday... and almost my Un-birthday! Hoorah, another chance to de-gluten and de-dairyfie life! Oh, and go back to astrophysics!
Happy birthday to me with grass fed ribs, fresh asparagus, and baked ginger pears with chocolate almond milk... mmmm, I should have been born more often :)

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