Herbed Vegetable Quinoa

1 c. washed and rinsed organic quinoa
2 c. water
handful walnuts
1 c. fresh kale
1 medium organic carrot, sliced
1/4 head red cabbage, sliced
1 small jalapeno, sliced
1 small organic apple, chopped
sea salt and pepper
1 T. extra virgin olive oil (optional)

garlic powder
fresh lavender (optional-great for fragrance)

Thoroughly wash and rinse quinoa and cook according to package directions (I brought it to a boil in the water then turned it down to simmer for about 12 minutes). Once quinoa is finished, add olive oil, seasonings and fresh veggies. Toss everything together and serve either warm or cold (I think this is best warm). If you have leftover quinoa just add it to soups, stews, or make some quinoa burgers (I will put up a recipe for this soon!) Or, if you have a sweet tooth try the quinoa carrot cake- one of my first creations!

Interesting useless facts about quinoa: it is an ancient staple of the native Americans and is actually a fruit (I didn't know that- I thought it was a "grain")! It is high protein, low fat, and offers a good vegetarian source of protein- well, not as good as beans, but it adds a nice variety.

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  1. You need to post this on Key Ingredient; I'd love to make this! I have yet to make quinoa and this sounds like the perfect recipe!

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    Key Ingredient


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