Fresh Peach, Flax, and Whey Smoothie (Casein and Lactose Free)

I am not sure about casein, but NOW Foods offers high quality gluten and lactose free whey protein isolate which makes terrific smoothies and ice cream. I am sensitive to casein as well as lactose, and this protein powder does not bother me at all. It is sweetened (vanilla flavor) with Stevia so it does not have any artificial sugar or real sugar which can cause blood sugar fluctuations.
It is very versatile in that you can add any kind of fruit, juice or "milk," nuts or seeds, or nothing at all except ice and water and it always tastes fantastic. Here I used some fresh peach as a side.

Basic Smoothie:
1 large scoop Now's whey protein isolate (half a serving which has 25 g of protein, no fat, no gluten or lactose)
5 ice cubes
1 c. water

Blend until smooth and serve immediately;

slices of fresh peach
2 T. ground flax

Serves: 1-2

This recipe is gluten free.

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