Fiesta Chicken and Black Bean Tortillas

This meal comes with my recent fascination with all things spicy, tex-Mex, or just plain hispanic ethic dishes. After a long day of dead ends at work and a delightful traffic-jam and awfully sweaty public bus ride, it really hit the spot. This whole meal took under 20 minutes even with my low blood sugar bossy kitchen manner.

2 breast boneless skinless chicken (mine were frozen and tossed directly on the grill)
1 can Organic black beans
1 handful fresh spinach
2 T. hot chuncky salsa
1 squeeze lemon or lemon juice
2-4 corn tortillas
Optional: can fat free organic refried beans
1 jalepeno
1 fresh, local organic corn on the cob
1 medium onion, chopped


garlic powder
cayenne pepper
hot curry powder
red chili flakes

First things first: plan better than I and defrost your meat- it cooks more evenly and quicker. Throw the meat and corn directly on the grill and season. Warm tortillas topped with beans in microwave or heat to sizzling in frying pan. Once beans and tortillas are warm, top with pepper and onion. When chicken is finished, chop into bite size chunks and add to tortilla along with salsa and any other condiments you wish (avacado would have been killer on this). Garnish with a healthy serving of spinach drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and cilantro and enjoy!

This recipe is dairy free and gluten free.

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