Celestial Seasonings Teatime!

I am a complete Celestial Seasonings herbal tea addict, especially the cinnamon apple and lemon zinger flavors. When these babies go on sale I use the 55 cent off coupons that come in every new box and go NUTS. Seriously, I buy the different varieties by the $20! That's my limit per shopping trip until Jon vetoes any more tea in the buggy... but there's always tomorrow ;)

Celestial Seasonings herbal tea tastes fantastic and is gluten (and of course dairy) free. Only certain varieties contain gluten, but all clearly label it on the bottom of the box.

I'll be putting up some recipes using this tea- you can make hot tea, iced tea, sparkling tea (tea and sparkling water or carbonated water instead of soda), desserts, in soups, and for marinades....mmmm. I need another sale!

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