All things Egg-o-licious

I could live off eggs, and trust me after my celiac diagnosis I sure tried! I'll update with actually recipes later, but for now I'll list all the ways I can think to consume the incredible edible egg:

First, get cage free organic eggs (local if possible)- the taste is definitely better, not to mention the superior nutritional quality.

* Poached eggs served on top of sauteed greens with garlic and ginger (horseradish adds a nice kick as well). See Rosemary and Kale Fried Eggs.

* Fried eggs in virgin coconut oil, tossed with sauteed assorted veggies and topped with hot salsa. See Broccoli and Kale Eggs and others.

* Omelets: fill to the brim with fresh or grilled/sauteed veggies, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, olives, and herbs. I even add whatever leftover meat for extra protein. See the Apple and Cheese Omelet and the Shitaki Mushroom, Kale, and Goat Cheese Eggs.

* Low carb Egg Rolls- all egg! Cook scrambled eggs in large pan with coconut oil and then fill with shredded cabbage, ginger, carrot, and greens sauteed in Bragg's or gluten free low sodium tamari. Roll up and munch! See the Salsa Egg Roll.

* Any kind of eggs with kale or collards is a wonderful and inexpensive classic.

* Spinach and Eggs

* Huevos Rancheros, of course, is a breakfast or dinner staple.

This recipe is dairy free and gluten free.

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